Nipah Virus Infection in Thailand: Status

The Nipah virus is an important emerging infectious disease that is still included in the list of disease to be surveillance by WHO. The neurological involvement in Nipah virus infection is an important clinical manifestation. This pathogenic virus of this disease was firstly detected and reported by professor Bing from Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country. Here, the authors would like to discuss the present situation of Nipah virus infection in Thailand, a Southeast Asian country next to Malaysia. At present, Nipah virus infection is still under the closed surveillance from Thailand public health ministry.

Nipah Virus Infection
Nipah Virus Infection

According to a recent report on pathogen causing neurological infection, the Nipah virus is still not observed as a cause of neurological infection in Thai patients with neuro infections. Nevertheless, there are some reports on the survey of prevalence of Nipah virus in several animals, especially for bats, in Thailand. According to the survey in bats, the prevalence of Nipah virus contamination was seen in 6.29% of bats collected from several regions in Thailand. Of interest, although bat is proved to be the carrier of several pathogenic virus such rabies, the bat has never been the problem of zoonosis in Thailand.


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