Intestinal Functional among Adolescents in Brazil

Intestinal evacuation is a complex sequence of events resulting from the integration of the autonomic and somatic nervous systems and culminating in the elimination of fecal matter contained in the descending colon and rectum. In turn, intestinal habitus is a personal characteristic varying considerably among individuals due to factors such as quality and quantity of ingested food and drink, convenience and a satisfied feeling of well-being, with no discomfort and without the sensation that evacuation was not sufficient.

Intestinal evacuation
Intestinal evacuation

Functional gastrointestinal changes are relatively common disorders in various age ranges and may progress to chronic problems with repercussions on quality of life that lead to anxiety, depression, sexual insatisfaction, incontinence, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and somatization of other problems. Important among these functional changes is functional constipation, which may reach a rate of up to 40% among children and adolescents and which is related to factors such as eating habits, socioeconomic level, and regional, racial and cultural differences.


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