Cross-Fertilization of Studies in Neurodegeneration

Chen et al.demonstrated that curli (a natural bacterial amyloid fibril) expressed by many Enterobacteriaceae, including E. coli, was capable of enhancing alpha-synuclein (AS) aggregation in both aged rats and the nematode C. elegans overexpressing alpha-synuclein. They suggested that amyloid proteins in the microbiota might be involved in the triggering of neurodegenerative diseases.


In this letter, we wish to draw attention to the wide potential for reciprocal fertilization of experimental and observational research in organ-limited amyloid disorders. By way of reference, we take our recent review on the epidemiology of different conformational neurodegenerative disorders (CNDD) undertaken from a biological perspective, which incorporated descriptive and analytical elements of both the general and clinical epidemiology of CNDD.


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