Why Tuberculosis Has Not Been Eradicated? Need for Vision and Bold Innovative Research

Tuberculosis has been a major world health problem for centuries. It has not been eradicated despite advancements in science. Main reason is that research and its utilization have gone into a deep rut because of lack of vision and innovation. There is an urgent need to think out of the box and adopt innovative approaches. These approaches should cover research on epidemiology, bacteriology, biochemistry, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis besides utilization of research findings and funding of research.


There are unanswered questions about epidemiology of tuberculosis. Infection by tubercle bacilli causes tuberculosis. Only few infected persons get tuberculosis. Why do the vast majority escape? Why interval between infection and disease can be weeks or many years? Is succumbing more often due to exogenous re-infection than endogenous reactivation? Why do many cases have spontaneous cure? Why do some non-specific infections by environmental Mycobacteria provide immunity.


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