Lung Cancer Therapy – Application of Antimicrobial Peptides

One of the major health burdens that count for 1.59 million deaths is lung cancer through worldwide. Recently, antimicrobial peptides i.e. AMPs have gained attention as potential anti-cancer drugs so that they can selectively target and kill cancer cells and does not affect the healthy cells. Author reviewed many studies and presented the discussion whether antimicrobial peptides can be a better option for treating lung cancer. Hence, recommend further investigation of potential antimicrobial peptides as new application in lung cancer therapy.

Lung Cancer Therapy
Lung Cancer Therapy

SCLC is treated mostly with chemotherapy whereas NSCLC can be treated with chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy or a combination of these treatments depending on the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed. While several treatment options exist, chemotherapy remains the treatment choice for advanced/metastatic disease. Unlike other cancers such as breast and prostate, survival rates for lung cancer have not shown great improvements.


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