Sepsis, an Old Problem for Clinicians

Sepsis is a syndrome old as life itself. This syndrome has accompanied human evolution for generations. Ranging from antiquity to the nowadays sepsis definition has gone through several stages. However, the definition and methodology of studying was developed in the last decades. In spite of numerous, high cost studies its physiopathology is still not entirely understood. On the other hand it is quite clear that it is a dynamic heterogeneous disease which leads to a disbalance of the inflammatory network.


Nowadays, sepsis diagnostic methods are of extreme importance, not only for following its progress but moreover for establishing a diagnosis as soon as possible. It is an uncommon systemic reaction as a result of a microbe or its toxins. Despite modern technology in sepsis diagnosis, it still remains a potentially lethal and a very high cost syndrome for the health system. Many studies reported a decline in sepsis mortality in recent years from 37% to 31% but again these figures remain high.


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