Nursing Care in Polycythemia Vera: A Review Article

Polycythemia vera is known to be an disorder of the bone marrow. It mainly causes too many red blood cells to be produced. However, teamwork is needed during the process of treatment and care of patients. Especially, important roles fall to the nurses and it is recommended that these diagnoses are taken into account in nursing interventions. Therefore, in order to assess the patients, care and the self-management of the disease has to be empowered with knowledge.

Polycythemia Vera
Polycythemia Vera

The symptoms in polycythemia patients are generally asymptomatic, while generally being headaches due to hyper-viscosity and hypervolemia, as well as nose bleeds, tinnitus, vertigo, vision disorders, dyspnoea, angina, a florid appearance and a burning sensation in the hands and feet.


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