Significant Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture on Intractable Dermatophytosis

Dermatophytes is the main pathogenic bacteria of superficial fungal disease in the human and animal, generally invading skin, hair and nails, parasitically or saprophytically dwelled in epidermal cutin, hair and keratin and inducing tinea capitis, TCC,TMP, tinea unguium. Dermatophytosis is the skin infection by fungi feeding on keratin, including trichophyta, microsporum and epidermophyton. It is common and frequent in occurrence, widely spread and infectious and mainly manifested as itching, red skin, scaly skin and thickening of horny layer. The fungal microscopic examination and cultivation indicate positive. In addition, there are particular symptoms according to the affected areas involved. For example, the local blisters and oozing are commonly combined at the early stage of TMP. These symptoms usually happen or get worse in summer and early fall, alleviate or are stable in winter. The pigmentations present after healing.

Intractable Dermatophytosis
Intractable Dermatophytosis

For that at the early stage or with smaller skin lesion, the lesion may be self-healed after strict sterilization, good rest and improvements of working and living conditions. For the cases of long duration or repeated attacks, the western medicine has definite effect and is the common therapy in clinic practice.


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