Chronic Demyelinating Inflammatory Polyradiculoneuropathy Associated With Sarcoidosis

A 60-year-old woman, with medical history of lung sarcoidosis diagnosed in 2003 treated by 40 mg prednisolone daily, was admitted in our neurological department in March 2011 for paresthesia and burning sensation in her two hands evolving for five months. Neurological examination revealed mild distal limb weakness, generalized hyporeflexia, impairment of touch, pain, and temperature sensations in both hands. Vibration sense was severely affected in the higher limbs, especially in the left side. Patient was ataxic with a positive Romberg’s sign.


Electrophysiological study demonstrated bilateral elongated distal latencies, reduced nerve conduction velocities, and conduction blocks respectively in the median, the ulnar and the peroneal nerves. It also objectified delayed F response in the median, the ulnar and the tibial nerves fulfilling the EFNS/PNS diagnostic criteria for CIDP.


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