Predictors of Outcome in Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients

Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) is a major public health problem due to longer duration of treatment and unfavourable outcome in comparison with sensitive TB. Drug resistant tuberculosis (DRTB) included both multidrug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB; MDRTB strains are resistant to Isoniazid and Rifampicin the two most-effective first-line any of the injectables. It is showed PreXDRTB, Diabetes Mellitus Smoking and Drug abuse as independent predictors of failure. These results suggest that strict control of DM, switch over to XDRTB regime from MDRTB regimen in PreXDRTB is warranted, Smoking and drug rehabilitation to be carried out in DRTB patients. Non-communicable disease effect must be studied extensively.

Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis
Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis

Very few studies have focused on the predicting factors for outcome of MDRTB treatment. In this study, we reviewed our experience with DRTB registered for dots-plus over a 48-month period at our hospital, a tertiary referred medical center, with special focus on the factors influencing the outcome of DRTB.


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