Extraction of Anti-Cancerous Enzymes from E.coli

L-asparaginase is the most promising anti-tumour enzyme involved in reduction of the level of L-asparagine resulting in cancer cell starvation which leads to the cell death. There are many sources of asparaginase as a therapeutic agent against leukaemia. An intracellular asparaginase enzyme is found to be more active against asparagines as compare to the extracellular enzyme. This enzyme isn’t only the requirement of therapy for tumour cells but also used in food industry so in upcoming years the demand for asparaginase will get increase and will gain its importance for being easy, less expensive, using less volume of enzymatic extracts and giving better results as compare to the any other activity analysis method.

Screening of isolated strains of E.coli
Screening of isolated strains of E.coli

The intestinal mucosa is an attractive target for the delivery of biologically active molecules, as it regulates the delicate balance between protection against infections and prevention of inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. Mucosal route vaccination strategies are associated with reduced side effects, offer easier administration, and can reduce the costs of production and implementation.


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