The Person Centered Care in Dementia

The model of person-centred dementia care (PCDC) offers a new paradigm of care for older people with dementia in order to increase their quality of life by customizing, respect for their autonomy and participation of the person in decisions that affect their lives. This model is consistent with the Advanced Practices in Nursing in geriatrics.


Although the biomedical model has been predominant in the care of elderly people with neurodegenerative diseases, many authors have advocated in recent years to supplement it with other perspectives that take into account the point of view of the person with dementia, what it is known as models of care focused on the person (PCC). Since the models of PCC, participation and respect for the autonomy of the person with dementia as central elements of care, in order to generate well-being and satisfaction in the patient and increase the quality of care.


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