The Acute Asthma: It’s just a Respiratory Disease? A Speckle Tracking Echocardiography Study

Status asthmaticus or severe asthma is a common cause of admission to Intensive Care Medicine (ICU) requiring aggressive maneuvers among them are steroids, bronchodilators, methylxanthines, anticholinergic drugs that could have a potentially cardio toxic effect.

Acute Asthma
Acute Asthma

Acute cardiomyopathy is described in critically ill patients, with an unknown etiology, which is attributed to stress, inflammatory condition or possible catecholaminergic consequences. Takotsubo or stress cardiomyopathy occurs in situations of severe stress, with an unknown etiology, but that could change in the survival and could settle on patients with severe non cardiac pathologies. In some patients with status asthmaticus this complication has been detected.


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