Evaluation of Denture Wear on Upper Airway Dimensions and Oxygen Saturation in Completely Edentulous Patients

Disturbed sleep is a common source of disgruntlement among elderly people. It is estimated that up to 50% of elderly adults complain of difficulty in sleeping, further aggravating the risks of morbidity in the ageing population. It has been described that 43% of those over the age of 65 have difficulty in the onset and maintenance of sleep, while 25% report daily drowsiness.

Sleep disordered breathing
Sleep disordered breathing

Many authors in 1970 delineated the causes of upper airway sleep disorders and in 1980 they described the oral appliances as pivotal treatment modality. Drowsiness and symptoms of sleep disturbance have been associated with declining cognitive capacity, depression, falls and mortalities. Sleep disturbances are multifactorial in nature and could be impacted by alterations of the circadian rhythm, neuropsychological impairment, use of medications and some medical conditions.


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