An Unusual Shearing of the Internal Coil of a Stimulating Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter

Peripheral nerve block catheter related complications have been reported extensively. Catheter shearing, knotting, retention and nerve entrapment of catheters have all been described in case reports. We came across a rare complication of an Arrow stimulating nerve block catheter used as a non-stimulating catheter. We report an unusual shearing of the internal coil in a stimulating peripheral nerve block catheter.

Peripheral Nerve Block
Peripheral Nerve Block

An 82-year-old lady was admitted to our hospital for a right Total Knee Arthroplasty. She had consented for an adductor canal catheter along with posterior knee infiltration (single injection) and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block (single injection) followed by a spinal anesthetic which is the standard of practice for total knee arthroplasties at our institute. An Arrow® StimuCath® Stimulating cPNB Catheter with 80 mm Tuohy needle was used for adductor canal block.


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