Teaching Tools for the Mentor “Trainer” of Professionals Working in Primary Health Care Improving and Growing with Every Challenge

Medical education has been discussed since the beginning of the twentieth century, but still it is not clearly defined what its role is, and there are several ways to understand the task of the mentor. Mentor is a clinical teacher: an active clinical professional who apply theory to practice. However, the good tutors have to be more than practitioner workforce. Tutor effectiveness derives from a combination of innate ability, expertise in content, teaching experience, personal enthusiasm, and the work of “facilitator”. But while experts in content may be useful, facilitation skills are essential.

Primary Health Care
Primary Health Care

“Training” is a teaching-learning process through which allows developing in the learner a better performance in his usual work. “Mentoring” is defined as the deliberate pairing of an expert or experienced professional with a less skilled or less experienced one, with the goal of achieving development of skills in the latter. The effective mentoring does not occur by chance; this is a myth. The tutoring is the process agreed between tutor and learner to interact in a way that facilitates learning, growth, and skills of the learner.


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