Management of Homicidal Cut Throat Injury at a Peripheral Set up: A Case Report

Homicidal cut-throat injuries are incised injuries or those simulating incised injuries in the neck inflicted by sharp objects. Cutthroat injuries are potentially life threatening because of the many vital structures that course through this area. These patients need emergency and multispecialty care, multidisciplinary approach is mandated to manage such cases. No definite incidence of homicidal cut throat injuries are available as many are fatal before making it to a medical echelon, however a review of 20 cases carried out by Ramesh et al. reports an incidence of 60 percent which is not only limited by the sample size but also the retrospective nature of the study.

Cut Throat Injury
Cut Throat Injury

Penetrating injuries of the neck involve the larynx in approximately 5-15% of patients and chances of associated vascular or esophageal injuries also being two folds as likely to have airway injuries. Crico-tracheal junction by virtue of having thin connective tissues is a common site of tracheal transection. The anaesthesiologist is pivotal in securing a definitive airway in such cases thereby facilitating the wound exploration and surgical repair. We present a case report of a victim of homicidal cut-throat injury managed at a peripherally located medical setup with a good final outcome.


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