Sets and Subsets of Mutating Amino Acids in Zika Virus Polyprotein

Zika virus disease (ZVD) is the cause of microcephaly in newborns ( html) and other diseases in infected children. Insight into the bioinformatics and molecular biology of the Zika virus (ZIKV) may facilitate development of anti-viral vaccines and drugs.In this communication the results of a study of Shannon information entropy (H) of ZIKV polyprotein sequences downloaded from the NCBI Zika Virus Resource ( viruses/variation/Zika/) on 21 Nov 2016.

Zika Virus Polyprotein
Zika Virus Polyprotein

The dataset download consisted of the complete set of ZIKV full-length polyprotein sequences isolated either from humans (n=123) or from Aedes aegypti mosquitos (n=14). Sequence management was facilitated with Jalview 2.9.0b2. H was computed by the equation of Shannon, using Anaconda 2.4.0 (64-bit), Python 2.7.10, Numpy 1.10.1, Scipy 0.16.0 and Matplotlib 1.4.3. The Mann-Whitney non-parametric U test was performed with Scipy stats; a two-tail p-value is reported. Modeling of the data by sets and subsets was performed with Maple 18 (Maplesoft Group, Canada). Z-tests were performed using 1000 pseudo-random trials and are reported with two-tail probabilities.


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