Family Needs of Caregivers of Stroke Survivors

Stroke is presently turning into a major public health problem pushing cardiovascular disease at the back as a cause of mortality in developing countries, particularly in the Asian subcontinents. Based on current estimate approximately 1.8 million people are affected yearly by stroke; one third die and a similar proportion remain disabled. Increasing incidence of stroke in India demands swift action.

Family Needs of Caregivers of Stroke Survivors
Stroke Survivors

Stroke is a family disease and has the potential to affect the health and quality of life not only of the individuals but their family caregiver as well. After discharge approximately 80% of stroke survivors live in community, more than a third of whom are dependent on the informal caregivers. It is evidenced that, caregivers play a major role in long term well-being and stroke rehabilitation. The emphasis on stroke rehabilitation should shift from being patient focused to an approach focused on both the patients and their caregivers.


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