Tracheobronchial Calcification with Sinus Destruction

Many diseases can lead to tracheobronchial calcification. Clinicoradiological correlation can identify the etiology of tracheobronchial calcification in most cases. Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica (TPO) is one of the rare causes of tracheobronchial calcification. Sinobronchial involvement due to TPO has been documented in past, however CT sinus findings in cases of TPO have not been described earlier.

Sinus Destruction
Sinus Destruction

A 34 year old non-smoker, homemaker was referred for the management of bronchial asthma. She complained of moderate-severe rhinitis, sinusitis, progressively increasing dyspnea on exertion and cough for 7 years. She denied history of paroxysmal breathlessness, emergency hospital visits or use of inhaled bronchodilators.


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