Achievements of an Academic Bariatric Surgeon in Greece during the Last Two Decades

During the last 25 years we have witnessed various major developments in the field of general surgery, but undoubtedly one of the most remarkable changes has been the advent of laparoscopic surgery. This breakthrough in our surgical technique has led to various concomitant changes such as the exponential increase of modern technological applications in the operating rooms, the fall of a generation of traditional “maximally invasive” surgeons, the simultaneous rise of a new generation of pioneers of minimally invasive techniques, and last but not least a change in the epidemiology of surgical procedures.

Bariatric Surgeon
Bariatric Surgeon

May be the most profound paradigm of the latter has been the booming of bariatric and metabolic surgery. With morbid obesity being a contemporary epidemic and the progressive development and consequent availability of minimally invasive effective means of treatment, it was only a matter of time for bariatric surgery to be transformed from a marginal and rather peculiar surgical subspecialty to one of the main components of the curriculum of any decent surgical training program around the world. Each year more than 400.000 such operations are being performed worldwide.


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