Applauding the Importance of Aerobics and Physical Fitness

Dr. Cooper measured systematic human performance and the ability to process oxygen by using a cycle ergometer, in order to determine why people with considerable muscular strength were still prone to disease. In 1968, he published a book entitled Aerobics, which is a compendium of exercise programs that includes walking, running, swimming and bicycling. Aerobics is a rhythmic physical exercise that can improve muscular strength, flexibility, physical fitness and cardiovascular health. It is generally practiced in a group with dancelike movements led by fitness professionals. These exercises are also effective in reducing mental stress and preventing illness.

Aerobics and Physical Fitness
Aerobics and Physical Fitness

Aerobics and Fitness is an international, open access peer reviewed journal that publishes scientific articles related to aerobic activity and physical exercise, proper nutrition, flexibility, etc. The present volume 1 issue 2 consists of one published commentary along with editorials on physical fitness, diet and wearable devices.


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