Sex during Pregnancy: Opinions, Attitudes and Practices among Pregnant Women

The intercourse during pregnancy has many advantages: harmony in the couple, good outcome of pregnancy and childbirth. Sexual practice during pregnancy is strongly influenced by beliefs, cultures and religions. Ethnological studies show the diversity of beliefs and sexual practices of couples during pregnancy. In Africa, i.e. in the Azanda tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the sperm is considered as an important factor in the growth of the fetus. Among the Dogon in Mali, it is necessary to have sex with the expectant mother for the child growth. On the contrary, for the Ewe in Togo, the husband who transgressed the prohibition of sexual intercourse during pregnancy might cause a miscarriage or a stillbirth child.

Sex during Pregnancy
Sex during Pregnancy

In Burkina Faso, i.e. in the Samo’s tribe, sperm would turn into blood and nourish the bloodstream of the future child: so repeated sexual intercourse during the first 7 months of pregnancy is advice. Ouagadougou city is the political and economic capital of Burkina Faso and is mainly inhabited by the Mossi.


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