Synthesis, Characterization and Effectiveness of Chelated Mineral as Aflatoxin Absorbents

The bioinorganic projects focus the synthesis of transition complexes using ligand – peptide conjugates that will impart coordination environments similar to those found in biological systems. The design of new complexes plays an important role in bioinorganic chemistry. A large number of metal-binding substances such as amino acids and proteins are present in biological systems.

Chelated Mineral

Low– molecular weight substances are involved in the absorption and transport of metal ions and metalloproteins play various roles, such as enzymatic catalysis, oxygen transport, and metal ion storage and transport. Proteins such as metallothioneins protect organisms from the toxic effects of exogenous metal ions. Most transition metal amino acid complexes have considerable biological activity, such as antitumor properties. Amino acids usually increase the diffusibility of complexes and enhance their biological action inside the cell.


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