Use of Stem Cell Suspensions containing Separated Fetal Stem Cells in Complex Treatment of Patients with Essential Hypertension

Cardiovascular diseases are known to hold the first place among the causes of death for the general population and stay among the main problems at the health care establishments in all economically developed countries worldwide. In accordance with the data of World Health Organization (WHO) 17.3 millions of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases died in 2012 and their number constituted 30% among all cases of death throughout the world. A similar problem also refers to the countries with both low and high income rates to different extent.

Essential Hypertension
Essential Hypertension

More than 80% of mortality cases in the countries with high income accrue to cardiovascular diseases; in particular, the mortality rates owing to the diseases above are almost similar both for women and men population. Approximately 23.6 million of individuals will be dying annually as a result of cardiovascular diseases until 2030; mainly these are patients with heart disease and stroke which are expected to be the principal causes of death in population. Nowadays, on the planet around 15% of individuals are suffering from Arterial Hypertension (AH), specifically their systolic arterial blood pressure is preserved at the level of 140 mm. Hg. or even tends to exceed the range above and/or diastolic blood pressure in them can be as high as 90 mm. Hg. in the least (without use of antihypertensive medicines).


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