Development of Cost-effective Homemade Basal Medium for Culturing Bacillus subtilis strain KPA In Vitro

Fermentation media play a very important role not only in the successful growth and culturing of bacteria but also enhancing the production of bioactive components for their industrial applications. The optimization of bacterial growth depends upon the medium constituents such as carbon sources, nitrogen sources, vitamins, pH etc. The specific nutrients supplied into the production medium contribute towards the maximum biomass yield. Carbon is the essential element for the growth and metabolism of bacteria that has profound influence on the bacterial biomass. Similarly, nitrogen sources are important variables, influencing the growth of bacterium. pH and temperature are other valuable factors that have profound effect on the growth of bacteria.

Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus sp. is widely distributed in the natural environments and inhabits a variety of extreme and contaminated environments. It constitutes a large, heterogeneous group of gram positive, aerobic, endospore-forming, and motile with peritrichous flagella and rodshaped bacteria


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