Violence against Pregnant Women

Violence against pregnant women is a problem present in all social strata of the world. Over time its predominant presentation was domestic, generated in part repetitive patterns of behavior, generation to generation, making it a growing phenomenon, despite the creation of laws that protect women and the family, but, fearing, shame, economic or emotional dependence, not reported to instances support for. Entre 4% and 12% of women who have been pregnant reported being beaten during that period, more than 90% of cases by the father the unborn child and between one quarter and half of them had been kicked or punched in the abdomen.

Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women

The variation observed in the prevalence of violence within communities, countries and regions, or between them, shows that violence is not inevitable and can be prevented. The victims of such violence are often well known to their attackers and in some societies in the world can be accepted as “normal”. Most of the violent acts have as a consequence injuries, mental disorders, reproductive disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and other problems. The health effects can last for years, and sometimes consist of permanent physical or mental disabilities and even death. On the other hand in health systems do not have the information or the necessary expertise to handle such problems; it does not have the necessary information to which patients should be referred submit such conflicts.


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