Microbial Bio-pesticide production from the disposed chicken feathers

Chicken feathers are the cheapest bio-organic waste available worldwide and this can be harnessed effectively as bio-fertilizers for the commercial use by entomopathogenic bacteria. Developing nations benefit a lot by segregating the solid, liquid and the sludges emerging out of the food and food processing industries separately.   Using alternative bio-remediation methods of disposal is helpful in converting them as bio-pesticides. The chemical compounds, protein and keratin present in the chicken feathers are non-biodegradable and fight against mosquito larvae.

chicken feathers
chicken feathers

Chicken feathers were characterized for their chemical composition and generally it accumulated proteins, mainly keratins. Keratins are the major structural proteins which are highly resistant against biodegradation. Earlier researchers reported that B. licheniformis can utilized to degrade keratin containing waste from poultry forms by producing keratin degrading enzyme (keratinase) for making animal feed and manure.


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