Diabetes induced stroke affects neurological systom

Diabetes influences the onset of stroke. Studies on cerebro-vascular accident associated with diabetes have documented the epidemiologic profile, clinical scannographic and evaluative history of the hospitalized patients. Type-2 diabetes prevalence was noted in 97.5% cases hospitalized and diabetes associated with stroke is frequent with severe and high features of lacunar infarcts in Ivory Coast.

Diabetes induced stroke
Diabetes induced stroke

The prevalence of diabetes in patient victims of a cerebral vascular accident is evaluated to 10-20% and each elevation from 1% of HbA1C increase the risk of fatal stroke from 37%. More to that 80% of the mortality within the diabetic population is linked to a cardiovascular disease of which stroke In the Neurology service of Cocody Teaching hospital at Abidjan, Diabetes constitutes the 5th factor of risk of stroke (18%) after high blood pressure, alcoholism, smoking and past history of stroke


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