Collision Tumour of Cerebellopontine Angle in a Patient without Neurofibromatosis Criteria: Case Report

Since the first description by Cushing and Eisenhart in 1938, just over a dozen case reports of mixed schwannomas and meningiomas (both components seen together in the same tumor) arising in patients with NF2 were reported. The simultaneous occurrence of primary brain tumours of different histology in the same anatomical site its´ a rarely observed situation, more rarer particularly on the CPA. Such tumours of different origin might be considered as collision, concomitant or contiguous tumours and have been mainly reported in patients with NF2, less often in cases without clinical signs of NF2.

Collision Tumour
Collision Tumour

The CPA it’s the most reported site of these lesions, but there are a fewer reports of collision tumors of the spine.There are some genesis theories that these tumors occur due to a total or partial loss of chromosome 22 and an overexpression of epidermal growth factor that induces schwannomas stimulate the growth of meningiomas in a paracrine fashion.


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