Globalization of Clinical Trials: Ethics and Conduct

The pharmaceutical industry as it stands today is one of the most despised segments due to the unethical manner in which it has behaved over the past few decades. All the major pharmaceutical companies (like Pfizer, Roche, Bayer, Lily, Wyeth, Glaxo, BMS, and many more) have been punished with huge penalties for their misdemeanors in the last decade alone. Pfizer was recently fined USD 2.3 billion for illegal marketing of drugs, the fourth time Pfizer has received such penalty since 2002. If these companies have the gall to be so blatantly unscrupulous in the ever-vigilant developed world, it is unreasonable to believe that they will act any different in the vulnerable nascent developing countries.

Globalization of Clinical Trials
Globalization of Clinical Trials

Most of the developing countries do not have regulatory laws or organizations to check for the violations of those laws. In addition to this, the government bureaucracy can be manipulated easily to illegally obtain necessary permits and certifications. The patients, physicians as well as researchers do not completely understand the cutting edge technologies from developed nations; and can be misled into conduction clinical trials and manipulating their results.


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