Spiritual Needs and Care of Patients from Nurses Perspectives on ICU

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a medical-labor-intensive critical care department equipped with specialized instruments, where most of these patients undergo endo-tracheal intubation and, in addition, may be restrained physically or given sedatives or hypnotics; meanwhile, all these practices may impair patients’ senses such as vision, hearing, or touch which caused difficulty in their verbal expression so that nurses were unable to understand their inner needs. Although many critically ill patients cannot express their inner needs due to the diseases or treatment, it does not mean that they have no spiritual needs. However, such needs are either not recognized, or often are simply neglected. The health care team in the ICU traditionally emphasized on stabilizing patients’ vital signs and relieving their physiological symptoms, but rarely paying attention on the patients’ psychological and spiritual needs.

Spiritual Needs and Care of Patients
Spiritual Needs and Care of Patients

Meanwhile,conducted a content analysis of 15 adult ICU from United States and Canada to identify the forms of documentation and results shown spiritual support as not well-prepared. Continuously, most of studies on spiritual care needs were focused on the general, cancer, and hospice patients and the studies on the spiritual needs of patients with critical illnesses were greatly scarce.


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