DNA-Lipids-Me2+ Complexes Structure and their Possible Functions in a Cell

Three types of interactions exist between main cell molecules, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids: protein – nucleic acids, protein- lipid and lipid – nucleic acids. Lipid – nucleic acids interactions are wide studied in the world on last 30 years. Successful using of lipids and liposome in gene therapy for gene delivery to cells and organs promoted development of these researches. As the cellular membranes more than on 50% consist of lipids, the interaction DNA with membranes in many respects is caused by lipid – nucleic acids interactions.

DNA-Lipids-Me2+ Complexes Structure
DNA-Lipids-Me2+ Complexes Structure

An idea about the possible involvement of bacterial membranes in cellular genome functioning has appeared for the first time in 1963. The first data on DNA binding to a membrane were obtained by electron microscopy. In 1963 Jacob et al. suggested the involvement of DNA-membrane complexes in chromosome segregation between daughter cells.


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