Gene Silencing with Herbal Compounds against Bacteria

For this purpose first is necessary expose organism with MIC concentration of herbal extracts. Then, microorganisms were treated with extract before and after treatment using genomic and proteomic techniques. Surprisingly, in this study the expression level of QS gene was decreased in the presence of S. Khuzestanica. However, the expression of gyrAgene (Housekeeping gene) that was used as an internal control was not altered before and after treatment with this herb. Based on the results, S. Khuzestanica could play a, major role in lowering the P. aeruginosa resistance to drugs, by reducing QS gene expression. According to results of current research we hope in future be used it to the clinic with a wider range as a complementary therapy and also for surgery operation.

Gene Silencing
Gene Silencing

For many years, control of bacterial infections by inhibiting microbial growth has been a primary approach of antimicrobial chemotherapy. An emerging problem associated with continual in discriminant use of this therapeutic strategy is the selection of resistant bacteria with higher levels of tolerance against broad-spectrum antibiotics.


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