Medical Doctors Strike: An Ethical Overview with Reference to the Indian Context

Strikes are usually collective actions that occur in all democratic societies. They always involve a joining together of individuals who stop their work for a certain period of time and who are united by common goals or interests. They use strikes in order to consolidate power for the purpose of negotiating with government or other groups. Different labor groups use different types of collective actions such as withholding labour actions or work slowdowns. Thus strikes, in general, are a legitimate form of collective protest in a democratic country and as such they are an important weapon that workers possess and use to increase their bargaining power as well as facilitating the process of negotiation towards agreeable result.

Medical Doctors Strike
Medical Doctors Strike

Health is a very important human value and hence health care is a paramount social good. In this context doctors have more responsibility on health of every people. In many countries health care workers including doctors are unsatisfied with factors like payments and with non-monetary aspects such as healthcare policy issues, security and safety issues, better working conditions and hospital’s physical and administrative infrastructure.


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