Toxicity and Genotoxicity of Beauty Products on Human Skin Cells In Vitro

We use large quantities of beauty products every day and, in the process, are exposed to a wide variety of chemicals used in these products. These chemicals are a particularly insidious form of body pollution because they enter the human body through multiple routes. It is easy to swallow them, inhale them and absorb them through the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth or nose. Our skin absorbs approximately 60% of the chemical ingredients and sends them into the bloodstream, from whence they can reach every organ in the body seconds after absorption. Women using a lot of cosmetics are thought their skin absorb up to 2 kg of chemical cosmetic ingredients each year. Government reports in the US and EU indicate that about 90% of the ingredients used in cosmetics are not safe for people in the long-term. Most beauty products contain a mixture of chemicals that only make the problem worse. Unfortunately, the companies that make them are self-regulating, and government agencies do not press the manufacturers to prove their products are safe. In the US, cosmetic and personal care products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA).

Human Skin Cells In Vitro
Human Skin Cells In Vitro

However, drugs do require extensive testing and approval by the FDA. Also, one study has noted the results of studies screening blood sample from over the entire world, indicate that most people are carrying a huge amount of chemicals in their bodies. These studies used biochemical methods for screening. Another study have shown that exposure to chemicals demonstrates that most American children and adults carry inside them nearly 100 substances or chemicals including pesticides and toxic compounds. Many of these cause cancer, damage the immune system and affect human behaviour and the central nervous system.


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