Provision of Culturally Sensitive Maternity Care

Care is seen as the core component of midwifery and nursing. Health care providers, consider care in terms of culturally sensitive, high quality, and evidence-based. Midwifery care aims to maintain normality throughout the perinatal period; therefore, the midwives ensure to regularly assess and evaluate their client’s health. Although, the childbirth experience vary from woman to woman, but to have a positive birthing experience, the care provided by a midwife really matters to preserve the essence of childbirth being a natural physiological process.

Maternity Care
Maternity Care

In the 1960’s Leininger’s introduced “Culturally Congruent Care”, which intends to provide care harmonized with an individual’s cultural values, beliefs, and practices (Leininger, 1991). Provision of culturally sensitive care paves the path for individualized holistic care. It is important for the midwives to understand the important concepts of cultural diversity and homogeneity. Though, women form diverse cultures approach midwives for care, but it is crucial to keep in mind some common cultural uniformities that may have an impact on women’s care.


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