Why is Cardiac Cancer Rare: Contractility by Epigenetic Regulations?

Cancer is one of the most common disease and known to have a lethal risk. The most common cancers worldwide in 2012 were diagnosed in lung, breast, intestines, prostate, stomach, liver, cervix, esophagus and bladder, respectively. In theory, carcinogenesis can occur in each organ/tissue of the living organism. However, heart cancer likely appears the rarest cancer seen in a vital organ and even has a low incidence in people with heart problems as reported that only 9% of those people who had open-heart surgery showed malignant cardiac tumor. Besides, heart cancer is not the only, such paraganglioma and retinoblastoma are also the rare cancers. Their existence/incidence can be rather reasonable, whereas life ends immediately when heart fails.

Cardiac Cancer
Cardiac Cancer

Researchers have revealed the oldest case of cancer in a skeleton from 1200 B.C. However, the people of those times were probably not aware of cancer. After thousands of years, we are able to have lots of understandings on cancer progress. Nonetheless there is not a certain therapy for cancer developed yet. Cancer was earlier thought to be induced by the genetic mutations only.


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