Multiple Sclerosis and Gene Polymorphisms: are we Groping in the Dark?

Till date, the etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) remains convoluted and many recent studies have added some startling findings to the existing literature on MS. There have been some noticeable developments in dissecting genetics of MS, but the results remain controversial due to divergence in geographic prevalence of MS across different populations. By and large this may be attributed to the enigmatic genetic and environmental background in its etiopathogenesis. By unlocking the missing link between these two components, some advancement can be achieved in devising better treatment options for MS management. This commentary highlights the outcome of our recent study aimed at exploring the association between MS susceptibility and EIF2B5 Ile587Val polymorphism in a subset of Indian population.

Gene Polymorphisms
Gene Polymorphisms

The nature of MS is very heterogeneous, a single factor cannot be assigned as definite reason for its causation. Although, MS has become a burning issue and the subject for extensive research across the globe; still there is no fully established cause and cure for it. It is believed that environmental factor like an infection modifies the risk of MS development in an individual in diverse ways.

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