Production of Microbial Bio-Pesticides from Waste Disposal of Chicken Feathers

Chicken feathers, obtainable worldwide, as a cheap bioorganic waste, are an extremely valuable substrates, for the commercial production of bio-pesticide by entomopathogenic bacteria (Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis , Bti and B. sphaericus , Bs), mainly in emerging nations, in the direction of vector control operation. Every day, huge amount of bio-organic wastes are released from food based manufacturing industries, poultries, factories and fisheries. Alternative disposal or bio-remediation methods are investigated for disposal of different wastes like sludge, various liquid wastes, organic and solid wastes discharged from food processing industries. Discarding or handling of these kinds of wastes as untreated disposal without gaining additional profit has led to develop the bio-pesticides by using bioorganic waste substances into cost-effective vector control programs.

Chicken Feathers
Chicken Feathers

Chicken feathers were characterized for their chemical composition and generally it accumulated proteins, mainly keratins. Keratins are the major structural proteins which are highly resistant against biodegradation. Earlier researchers reported that B. licheniformis can utilized to degrade keratin containing waste from poultry forms by producing keratin degrading enzyme (keratinase) for making animal feed and manure. Keratins are made up two main subunits such as alpha and beta keratins which composed various amino acids.


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