Early Maternal Separation Stress on Fear and Sleep

Why do some people bite their nails excessively whenever they are anxious or stressed Many a times, scientists relate nail biting to an anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). People who bite their nails may also suffer from sleep disturbances. The root cause for this habit is not clear as it is varying from person to person. According to Sigmund Freud, anxiety is the root cause for many psychiatric disorders such as OCD, social phobic disorders, Schizophrenia, depression etc. Anxiety is an alarming signal as well as epidemic which affects people in every facets life and if it is uncontrollable give rise to increased vulnerability to mood disorders. The high prevalence of anxiety and high incidence of sleep disturbances indicate sleep disorders as the consequence of anxiety disorders. Since then, anxiety has been viewed as a state of anguished mind caused by disturbed internal and external environments.

Stress on Fear and Sleep
Stress on Fear and Sleep

Stress and sleep disorders are always reported together. Evidences suggest that an exposure to stress and nutrition-rich diet during childhood will determine the emotional regulations in adult life. An exposure to stress during early life likely to increase the corticosterone release even under basal conditions.


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