Malnutrition and Obesity in Third Age

Normal aging is considered the harmonious senile development and decay of the tissues and the body organs, while premature aging is characterized by asynchronous, disharmonious and premature senile decay of various organs that appears before the age of sixty, which is due to specific nosological causes. The decrease of the cognitive function seems to be more a cognition function than an aging effect. The recommendations for the nutritional requirements of older people are determined from the average percentage in which the activities are limited. Specifically, is taken into consideration the reduction of the caloric loss in combination with the increased rate of physical disability that accompanies the age.

Malnutrition and Obesity
Malnutrition and Obesity

 The average daily caloric intake recommended is 2000-2800 calories for men 51-75 years old and 1400-2000 for women of the same age. The calorie needs approximately diminishes parallel with age, but the needs of many nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals, are not reduced by the same percentage.


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