Stem Cell Research: Then and Now

Stem Cells are the type of cell that has the potential to give birth/ reform to any type of cell like them also. There are different types of stem cell: developing stem cell, adult stem cell, bone marrow stem cell, Induced pluripotent stem cells. These cells are so much popular because of their importance in medical and clinical trades as they are being used to treat diseases which were impossible to cure before their origin.

Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research

All of it started in 19th century, when scientists from all over the started studying stem cells from plants, mice in hunt of the cure for the illness or disorders. For the first spell the term “Stem Cell” came into substance because of a German scientist named Ernst Haeckel used the expression stem cell to define the inseminated egg that become an organism. A major encroachment took place in 2006 when two Japanese scientists Yamanaka and Kazutoshi, announced the creation of rodent Induced Pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs). These iPSCs were the adult cells reprogrammed to look and function like embryonic stem cell, which made Yamanaka S and Kazutoshi, the father of iPSCs and also these iPSCs became valuable resource of stem cell research and cellular therapeutics .


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