Autism or New Autisms? A Psychologist Point of View

In the last decade, there have been an increasing number of children with autism. However, these children also showed a new, different, somewhat “strange”, form of autism.

As psychologists, we used to deal with a clear set of behavioral, stable and obvious, characteristics, where interventions such as ABA, Denver, TEACCH, or CBT, that even if needed a lot of work, led to measurable and fairly predictable results over time. In recent years, we have found to work with different children. Indeed, in subgroups of autistic children, we see to suddenly disappear what we were dealing with and were calling as a “problem behaviors” not thanking to psycho-educational interventions, but with medical interventions on the intestine or with the modification of diet. In other subgroups we see children becoming more alert and present with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and food supplements. We see in others language improvements with the use of vitamin complex.


In these cases, what we are talking about? Why in some children specific biomedical interventions are effective and in others not? It is still classical autism on which we spent hours on university books? Because, personally, on university books we found no trace of anything…We did not read about gut-brain axis, or immune response and inflammation of the brain. So, when we find ourselves in front of these children, we are faced with what? What is autism? Or rather…Is it still autism?


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