Pain Management by Meditation: A Naturopathy Approach

Pain is an important unwanted sensation. For sure, everyone cannot avoid pain in lifespan. How to manage and decrease pain is the big topic in pain medicine. Several new drugs are fund by medical scientists and applied in pain control. Nevertheless, the classical ancient science concept to manage pain is still the hidden jewel. The use of naturopathy concept in pain management should be mentioned. Using of meditation for relieving of pain is a classical practice in natural medicine.

Pain Management by Meditation

Based on the concept that pain occurs from brain, the use of medication that can affect brain function can be an interesting way for pain management. Zeidan et al. recently reported that “Mindfulness meditation, a practice premised on directing nonjudgmental attention to arising sensory events, reduces pain by engaging mechanisms supporting the cognitive control of pain”. Decreased pain after a short meditation practice has just been reported by Tonelli and Wachholtz. The usefulness of meditation for pain management can be expected. However, Grant noted that the actual “meditative analgesia” required further study on its exact physiological process.


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