Bipolar: an Old – New Disease of this Age

In antiquity, the mania and melancholia were considered disturbances of the soul. Until the early nineteenth century, no relationship between crises of mania and depression was established. Later, they began to be considered as a single disease, receiving the name of manic-depressive insanity. Although bipolar disorder is not a new medical entity, we can consider that as the 50s and 60s was the era of anxiety attacks and 90s were the years of the Depression, today we live in the era of bipolar disorder. There are two possible reasons for this situation.

Bipolar disease
Bipolar disease

The first is commercial: patents of many drugs against depression expired with the turn of the century, so that pharmaceutical ran a large psychiatric market. In search of new markets, industry strove to create new needs and new products. They appeared new categories to describe “soft forms” of bipolar disorder, and increased by 2,000% the frequency of diagnosis.


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