Development Costs of Inaugurating a Physician Assistant Program

As of 2016 the physician assistant had been a concept for five decades and the profession was in more than a dozen countries. During that first half-century, over 200 PA programs were developed and at least 20 programs closed. In the same year the US Accreditation and Review Commission for Physician Assistant Education (ARC PA) estimated that if new applications to inaugurate a PA program continues the number may exceed 250 by mid-2020 ( The characteristics of existing programs spans the diversity of higher education including biomedical universities, community colleges, academic health centers (AHC), and small private colleges. In the UK at least 26 programs are expected to be operational by 2017. PA activity and development is occurring in a dozen countries. However, no template exists about how programs should be developed and modeled.

Physician Assistant Program
Physician Assistant Program

Globally, within various settings, there exists a diversity of hierarchical and organizational means of administrating a program. In spite of the range of institutional structures and programs, all began with an idea or a dream. From a concept to the commencement of the first class, somehow the idea gets nurtured.


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