Hypertension Risk in China: Review Study

Hypertension is not only a chronic disease condition itself, but also a risk factor associated with other cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and chronic kidney disease. In China, hypertension has been increasing dramatically in last several decades. Prehypertension and hypertension are attributable to 51.9% and 49.1% of death in Chinese population for men and women respectively. Thus, it has become one of the major public health problems that call for immediate concern from health policy maker.

Hypertension Risk in China
Hypertension Risk

Most researchers attributed the prevalence of hypertension to the fast economic development in the last three decades. Urbanization and expansion of western fast food and lifestyle may impact the distribution of risk factors for hypertension. However, the demographic variation and inequality may also have great impact on the prevalence pattern of hypertension in China. Several studies have noticed the regional disparity in the prevalence of hypertension.


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