Giant cell tumours of the spine are rare entities. They are mainly seen in long bones. We report a patient with a giant cell tumour of D12 vertebrae which had undergone total en-bloc spondylectomy D11, D12, L1 vertebra and tumor. On histopathological examination, Hematoxylin and Eosin stained slides revealed giant cell tumour without any malignant changes.

Giant Cell Tumour of Dorsal Vertebra
Dorsal Vertebra

Giant cell tumour of bone accounts for 5% of primary bone tumours. It rarely arises in the spine. The incidence of giant cell tumour of mobile segment of spine accounts for 1-1.5% with an equal incidence in all three mobile segments of spine. They tend to be found in individuals in third and fourth decade of life. Women are affected slightly more than men. They are aggressive with high degree of malignant potential and are also associated with high incidence of local recurrences


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