Trifid Cord; Very Rare Presentation of Split Cord Malformation

A child with a very rare anomaly of spinal cord is described. Split cord malformation (SCM) is a rare close neural tube defect, mostly discovered during investigations for an abnormal skin marking especially hairy patch, foot deformity and/or weakness or scoliosis. The patient was a 9-month old girl with a large hairy patch on her lumbar skin. Gestational period was uneventful and family history was unremarkable.

A presentation on Trifid Cord
Trifid Cord

She was recognized to have smaller left foot compared to the other side soon after birth. Lumbar spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) indicated split cord malformation below L1 level with two separate dural sleeves and one hemicord in each side. To prevent more neurological deficits in such complex cases, meticulous laminectomy at the levels of SCM type I and careful intradural dissection for cord untethering are necessary.


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